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New European Multi-Asset Products Prove Attractive to Investors

Julie Martin May 23, 2018

New long-term funds launched across local Europe and cross-border markets during 1Q’18 garnered $42.4 billion in net new flows. In both regions, investors’ demand for new multi-asset products soared…

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Increasing Momentum in 529 Plans

Paul Curley May 15, 2018

529 savings plans have continued to reach year-over-year highs, improving across a wide array of metrics. The college savings plan market totaled $321 billion in assets across both 529…

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Subadvised ETFs Gain Traction

Chelsea Zhao May 8, 2018

With benefits such as low cost and tax efficiency, it is no surprise that exchange-traded funds have enjoyed large inflows over the last few years in an extended market…

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Pricing and Profitability Considerations in an Increasingly Agile Market

Dennis Bowden May 2, 2018

Technology enhancements, shifting adviser business models, platform evolution, and more continue to reshape the intermediary-sold market. Among other imperatives for asset managers, today’s evolving realities demand greater organizational “agility”…

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New Launches Add Variety to Sector Funds

Anthony DiSanzo April 24, 2018

Sector funds have typically been one of the more utilitarian corners of asset management. Providing exposure to a particular industry is a fairly straightforward investment mandate, which is perhaps…

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The Top Two Challenges for Subadvisers in 2018

Jeff Strange April 17, 2018

Strategic Insight recently completed its first annual survey of subadviser relationship management teams and published the findings in our Insight—U.S. Subadvisory publication. Among the topics addressed was the top…

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A Maturing Liquid Alternatives Market Faces Off With Volatility

Alan Hess April 10, 2018

In early 2018, a wide range of asset classes and markets have sustained losses amid a spike in market volatility. In February, domestic indicators saw declines as represented by…

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The Global Impact of Rising Interest Rates on College Financial Planning

Paul Curley April 2, 2018

The college affordability gap has been widening due to the rising costs of higher education outpacing the savings rate and the ability of families to pay through cash flow….

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Are Cross-Border Funds the Key to ESG in Asia?

Julie Martin March 28, 2018

In numerous European countries, government action and pressure from investors have incited managers to incorporate ESG factors in their strategies, in turn leading to the mainstreaming of socially responsible…

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Portfolio Holdings – When Is Less More?

Chelsea Zhao March 20, 2018

The discussion on active versus passive investing has garnered much attention in the fund industry, and finding ways to mitigate outflows from active funds is no doubt on the…

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