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Retirement Products Increase College Financial Planning Market Share

Paul Curley November 25, 2019

529 college investment plans remain the vehicle most strongly associated with college financial planning, and for good reasons. Investors stand to gain from using local tax breaks alongside 529s…

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How Can Active Management Thrive in the Passives Age?

Christopher Davis October 31, 2019

Think active and passive investments can’t coexist successfully side by side? That Vanguard, America’s largest index fund provider, is also the country’s third largest active fund manager suggests otherwise….

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Investors on the Defensive

Alan Hess September 24, 2019

Persistent global uncertainty and heightened concerns about an oncoming recession have left many investors on the defensive, with certain lower-risk strategies experiencing record sales. Equity funds have seen net…

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For Active Managers, Lower Fees Only Dull the Pain

Christopher Davis August 28, 2019

Active funds haven’t gotten much love in recent years—flows went negative in 2015 and stayed that way in the ensuing years—and the lack of affection has cut across funds…

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Can New Ideas Solve the Old Problems With Workplace Savings?

Brian O'Keefe July 23, 2019

Summer is a time for heat, hurricanes, and our “Summer Reading Guide,” which takes the form of a seasonal stroll through the research and data that have shaped the…

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Trends to Watch out for on 529 Day

Paul Curley June 11, 2019

On May 29, 2019, Strategic Insight hosted a webinar for 529 Day to build awareness, understanding, and prioritization of 529s and ABLE, and discuss trends affecting the marketplace. Increasing…

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Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in ESG

Alan Hess May 30, 2019

In 1970, Harvard economist Albert Hirschman published “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty.” The book featured the subtitle “Responses to Decline in Firms, Organizations, and States” and discussed the interplay of…

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Active Managers Feeling Pinch from Passive, But Fee Impact is Overhyped

Christopher Davis April 29, 2019

In 2002, the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail reported that the vitamin C content in the typical orange sold in Canadian supermarkets dropped 57% from 1951-1999. Vitamin A levels fell…

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Alternatives Dispersion in Market Downturns

Alan Hess March 27, 2019

The fourth quarter of 2018 served as a significant period of market loss and investor drawdowns for a wide number of equity and aggressive strategies. December in particular saw…

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529 Plans Grow Amidst Market Volatility

Paul Curley February 20, 2019

Investors deposited a record level of gross contributions into 529 college savings plans with $33 billion in 2018, compared to $29 billion in 2017. Building upon this level of…

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