In the past 25 years Investor Economics Household Balance Sheet Report has developed into a essential strategic tool for the Canadian financial services industry and those interested in monitoring its key developments and future outlook. From its identification of key themes and their implications to a vast array of businesses populating the industry, to detailed client segment, product and distribution channel forecasts, the study helps its clients identify growth opportunities and anticipate challenges ahead.

The loyal industry following for each of the study’s 13 editions—including the just-released 2017 edition—translates into a vibrant feedback loop for the research and ensures that Investor Economics Household Balance Sheet Report remains relevant and reflective of the industry’s foremost discussion topics. Anyone with interest in the Canadian financial services business—in Canada or abroad—will find this study an essential reading. The answers to questions big and small can all be found in this year’s edition as we gaze into our crystal ball and roll the clock to 2026.